FAQs and Helpful Hints

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Prep & Packing for Moving Day

Should I remove things from my drawers?
Yes. Removing things from your drawers is advised. Your furniture was not made to be moved with added weight. Weight shifts in transit and could damage your furniture. Best to take it out and box it up.

Can you supply boxes for my move?
We can do that! Just give us 1-2 days notice and we can get boxes to you, along with blank newspaper to wrap delicate items like dishes, vases, etc. Got questions about delivery of boxes and box prices? Give us a call at 267.422.2820.

Can you pack my things into boxes?
Yes! Be it your boxes or ones we supply.. be it your vehicle or ours, we can safely pack your boxes for transit.

Do I have to tape and close my boxes?
Yes. Everything goes in a box. It’ll make your move more efficient which translates to savings for you.

Prep and Packing Helpful Hints…
Anything that is open should be closed i.e. boxes, large tupperwares etc. Use tape to close the top and bottom of boxes. Below are two pictures. One is what we love to see when we arrive and the other is, well, what we don’t want to see when we arrive.


If you live in a building with a freight elevator make sure it is available for the time you wish to move. Book the freight elevator as soon as possible.

Packing often takes longer than you expect. Start before you think you should. You will not regret it.

If you possible take smaller/more awkward items to new residence before moving day. Or set them aside away from the to-be-moved-items on moving day. Consider taking those items in your vehicle. We’re okay moving these items but you’d be surprised at the elapsed time it can take to walk loose and awkward items to and from the truck.

Books or any heavy item(s) should be put in smaller boxes so they are manangeable for your movers.

If you have difficulty with a box it’s likely your movers will too


Do I need to secure parking for the day of my move? How do I secure parking for my move?
Securing parking in advance is advised if you feel parking will be limited the day of your move (http://secure.phila.gov/streets/tnp/). Display your placards 24 hours in advance of your move. On the placard, display the times during which people are not to park in the designated space you intend our truck to occupy. The truck is 30ft long (you’ll need to know that when filling out the permit info).

Inside scoop on parking…
First, an Easy Remedy is to park in the desired spot and consider asking a neighbor to park end to end the night before.. with the vehicles ready to move once the truck arrives in the morning.

Depending on your neighborhood, lots of people disregard the placards and park in your designated space anyway. In those cases we park as close as possible to your residence. Many times the quickest answer is double parking. This can result in a ticket. If your neighborhood is heavily policed by the PPA, we do try to appeal to the “softer side” of the PPA before a ticket is issued. Sometimes we’re effective. Sometimes not so much.. BUT we always try! If someone has parked in your permitted spot, you can call the PPA to have the vehicle towed. In many cases your crew will be done by the time the tow truck arrives. If we must illegally park as a result of someone parking in your permitted spot, often times the PPA will look the other way, but they do not have to.

When considering procuring parking placards be mindful of the time it will take to get them (it will likely affect your work day). In addition you may have to scout a good spot before posting the placards. Often, your new, or soon to be old, neighbors “won’t notice them”, and park there anyway. Thereby making all the time spent a waste. It’s a toss up if the truck is issued a ticket. It can be worth it to take the chance of getting a ticket for some. The tickets range from $26/$36/$51/$76. Hopefully this info helps you make the best decision for your situation.

Who pays the parking ticket if one is incurred?
Any parking ticket(s) accrued while performing any services for you, the customer, are solely your responsibility to pay at the end of your move when you settle the bill. Midas Movers will physically send in your payment to the PPA as it is our vehicle that will have been ticketed.

Moving Day

Can I help the day of the move?
Yes, by being as prepared as possible.
– Everything packed in a box and ready to go.

– Clear walkways i.e. no tools, shoes, shovels etc. on the stairs or by the doorway. Also, no vacuums, brooms, tools etc. where your movers will

be walking.
– You can bring things to the truck, however customers are not allowed on the truck.

Can you dismantle things that need it?
In most cases yes. If you have something that needs special attention please let us know.

Can you move my flatscreen?
We do it all the time. It will be securely covered and tightly wrapped before being safely transported to its new destination.

Do you supply things like tools, blankets and wrap for furniture?
Yes, we supply all of it and is no extra charge to you.

Can you hoist things in or out?
We can, however your crew reserves the right to decline based upon physical danger of themselves or your item(s). Please mention the possibility of hoisting when making your reservations.

Can you move my gas grill?
Yes, sans the gas. No hazardous or explosive materials on the truck.

Can you move my piano?
Yes, if it’s an upright and is moved from a 1st floor to a 1st floor.

Moving Day helpful hints..
The closer the truck to your loading/unloading location, the easier and faster your move will go.

We have a tried and true way we get the job done. This means we organize your boxes and items on our truck so we safely and effectively maximize the space on our truck. If there are special directions please tell your crew before they start e.g. you want an item to come off the truck first when it reaches the new destination or maybe the crew needs to leave space on the truck because there’s a scheduled stop to pick up an item before getting to the final destination.

It is not advised to make any other plans on moving day e.g. travel plans, meeting a friend for lunch, closing on your new home. The last one rarely goes as planned and the last thing you want is to have a truck full of your stuff and no where to put it. As a reminder, we charge by the hour.

Have plans for kids and Fido on moving day.

It is advised to only have things to be moved in the moving areas. Donate, move, or discard items that will not be moved by Midas Movers on moving day.

Mark the boxes that are fragile. However, everything you own is not fragile. Overly marking boxes fragile can add unneeded time as your crew will need to take additional care to properly transport these items.

There is travel time. From our office, if the e.t.a. is 20 minutes or more for the truck to reach your load-up destination or get back from your unload destination, travel time will be applied. Travel Time is based upon our hourly rate and is rounded to the nearest ¼ hour. Please be aware of this. Be aware also, that as an appreciation of your business, you will always receive 20 minutes of free travel time.

If it can be consolidated, do it! This is the single best way to save you money! Consolidate! Consolidate! Consolidate!

If you’re feeling stressed about your move, don’t be. We’re well versed when it comes to All Things Moving. We’ll take care of it. Be it a stubborn piece of furniture or an audible in your moving day plan – we’ve got you covered. We’re problem solvers and are always flexible.

Movers love right angles. The boxier the better!

Dates fill up quickly in the moving world, especially toward the end/beginning of the month. Plus there can be a good bit of planning. Book as soon as possible.

Your movers have your best interest in mind. Stand back and allow them to work their magic and move your things as efficiently as possible.

In many cases the unload takes about half the time as the load up.

Snags: If there are any snags during your move NOT caused by your crew, the cost per hour applies. e.g. The freight elevator is not ready, there is no one to open the door once your moving crew arrives at the final destination, there is an unexpected long walk from your residence to the truck or vice versa. Your crew will do its best to accommodate you. In short, our hourly rate applies from the time we tell you the clock starts until we ask you if there is anything else we can do and you answer no.

Your crew will do what they feel they are comfortable and safe doing. e.g. They will dismount and unscrew your tv and mounting brackets from the wall but please make arrangements to remount once delivered to your new home.

Often it takes more time to load the truck than it can to empty your residence. i.e. just because your residence is empty does not mean that the truck is fully packed. Our goals are to move your things safely, efficiently, and quickly, in that order.

Quotes and estimates are not binding but merely a tool to help project the time your move will take.

Lastly, please allow your moving crew the space and time they need to do the best job possible and we promise you, things will go swimmingly!


How do I pay?
A cash payment is due at the completion of your move.

If you are receiving more than one service e.g. Midas Movers packs you up one day and you’re scheduled to move the next, payment of services rendered is due at the end of each service completed.

We do not charge a booking or reservation fee (for now). Please allow at least 2 days notice for cancellations or postponements.

Flat rates are rare but are only offered if a representative of Midas Movers sees the items to be moved, in person, and a cash payment is made prior to starting. In most cases the day of the move.


If you do need to postpone, please try and have at least two new optional times, as we may have another move scheduled for your new time slot. We will do our best to accommodate you. If your new time and our schedule don’t line up, we understand. Just give us a 2 day notice if possible. It’ll be appreciated.


Unless you cancel/postpone or the weather absolutely makes for harmful conditions, we’re moving you!