How to prepare for moving day

Pack early – unplanned life events happen

Prepare as best you can, as soon as you can. Being unprepared costs you money, so we cannot emphasize this enough: Pack Early, Pack Early, Pack Early. This means packing ASAP so you’re fully ready before moving day. You absolutely will not regret it and will in fact be happy, maybe even elated.

There are the obvious reasons to be packed before your moving day, but also unseen reasons. Moving is a part of life, and as life comes at you fast, so does moving day. Often unplanned things happen such as illnesses, last minute work/school projects, or both. Why not be as prepared as possible? If you’re packed well before and something unplanned comes up, this will be one less thing you’ll need to do. Being prepared is paramount; pack early and you will not regret it.

Organize for your moving day

When you give yourself time to pack, it can be done efficiently and with a plan. You’ll be able to organize instead of stuffing your brand new shoes in a box. You can know where your family’s meds are, and Fido’s meds too. There are infinite reasons to plan ahead and, again, pack early. We all know packing and organizing takes time, but investing time on the frontend translates to lower costs to you and less time unpacking.

Donate old clothes & food

When moving, you can also take the opportunity to get rid of old canned goods or those pants you never wear. Be benevolent and give them away!

Use boxes to their capacity. Give them good tops

When packing, make sure your boxes are a reasonable weight. We are movers; strong people with a great concept of space, weight, and what can and can’t be done, but one large box full of books is not as manageable and easily transported. Put books and other heavy items in smaller boxes. Your movers’ number one goal is to return your items the same way they were given.

Be sure to fill your boxes. There’s no need to buy boxes and only half fill them. You spent your time and money buying them, use them to their capacity. If you’re unsure about the weight, often boxes have weight limits written on the bottom flap. Be sure to ‘give your boxes good tops, meaning when the flaps are closed/sealed the contents will be flush with the sealed flaps. This makes stacking and consolidating easy. Ease is the name of the game.

Write on the boxes

Another way to expedite your moving day is to put colored dots on the boxes that correspond with the new room they’ll be moved to. For instance, put a blue dot along with the words ‘front room 2nd floor’ on your box. Then put a blue dot just outside the front room on the 2nd floor. In turn, you will not need to direct your movers every step of the way. Instead, you’ll be able to prioritize your time by helping your kids, contractors, etc.<